Lee came from a very unstable family background which resulted in him leaving his family home. This has had a major impact on his mental health, resulting in him attempting to commit suicide in the past. His unsettled past has had an impact on all parts of his life and he was not engaging with his family.

Lee has been in supported accommodation and has had numerous incidents with staff due to his verbal volatile nature. This resulted in him being evicted from his accommodation because of an aggressive act against a member of staff. His room was also in a permanent state of untidiness.

When we moved him into his own property the first issue was to ensure that he kept the property up to an acceptable standard. With support, Lee has been able to keep his property clean and tidy and feeling like a proper home.

Lee’s estrangement from his family had resulted in tensions between members of his family. Since Lee has been in his own tenancy, he has developed a much better relationship with his parents. He is now having more contact with his mum than he has had since he was a child. His parents have visited his property and all of this has helped his mental health.

Lee also has long term plans to work with disabled children and is now wanting to start work a few hours a week, to give him confidence to pursue this route.

Lee is engaging well with his support worker and is attending all appointments and meetings, and he has just started a training course to help further his career aspirations.