Claire has six children, the 3 eldest from her previous relationship (in which she was a victim of domestic violence), and twin boys and a girl all under 18 months, with new partner Ben. On being referred to CCP, the family of 8 were living in a cramped two bedroom house, an environment which became damaging to the family relationships. Claire was under a lot of stress and reported feeling vulnerable to the anxiety and post-natal depression she has suffered in the past. However because of caring for her youngest children, she doesn’t get out much and feels socially isolated.

In order to support the family, CCP found a more suitable family home, and also referred the family for ‘Bundles’ support, through which they were able to better equip their new home, and create better routines for the younger children. Claire is now accessing support for her experiences of domestic violence through ‘Let’s Talk’, and CCP have eased Claire’s family commitments to allow her this essential time. Support staff have also encouraged Claire and Ben to attend stay and play sessions to help the little ones’ development and have encouraged them to reach out to CCP for parenting courses and financial advice when needed in the future. Both parents have since reported that the family is much happier now and life at home is much easier.