£5 can provide breakfast for 20 homeless young people living in supported accommodation
£20 will pay for a 1 hour information, advice and guidance session for a young person
£25 will provide a basic breakfast and evening meal for 7 days for a family of 4 living in poverty
£30 will provide a box of essential items for a homeless young person moving into supported accommodation
£50 will pay for a 2 hour relationships mediation session to prevent family breakdown
£100 will help to keep our Advocab on the road and ready to roll in any emergency
£500 will provide 10 young people with moving-on boxes of essential items when they transition from supported accommodation to their own self supported accommodation

£2,000 will send 8 young people on a week-long character-building Outward Bound course
£3,000 will provide a weekly 3 hour music studio session for a year for unemployed young people looking for a career in the music industry
£4,000 will provide a tailored 8 week work readiness program for young people preparing to enter the employment market
£5,000 will pay for a qualified youth worker to run positive activities for disadvantaged young people one night a week for a year

£6000 will put another Advocab on the road, providing a mobile response and outreach vehicle