What is Family Advocacy - Child Protection?

An independent advocacy service to support vulnerable adults involved in Child Protection cases.

How can I contact an advocate?

You need to be referred to the Family Advocacy service by a social worker, health services professional, or solicitor.

What can an Advocate do?

The Family Advocacy service offers a range of options, allowing referrers to select the specific type of support they require for each individual case.

An advocate can:

  • Accompany parents at Child Protection Conference, Reviews or Court Hearings
  • Support parents at meetings with professionals
  • Meet parents to prepare for or follow up Child Protection Conferences/Reviews/Court Hearings/other meetings with Professionals to ensure that parents understand decisions and actions


  • Supports parents through the complexities of child protection process
  • More positive outcomes for children and parents
  • Reduces demand for future support service
  • Contributes to reduction in number of cases taken to court


  • Helps parents to understand the decisions that are made about them/their child
  • Helps parents to understand the importance of engaging in activities/actions demanded by social services/courts as part of the child protection plan
  • Helps parents to express their views and wishes to ensure they have been heard
  • Speaks on parents’ behalf if they are unhappy about the way they are being treated by social services or they are worried about plans being made
  • Helps parents to understand their rights
  • Helps parents to make a complaint

What is the cost?

Family Advocacy is a subsidised service. The cost is £30 per hour, plus expenses. There is a minimum purchase of 16 hours (12 hours face to face plus 4 hours administration time).

CCP advocates can support parents at any stage in the Child Protection process – see examples below

How to access the CCP Advocacy Service:

Call us on 01242 694535
A referral form for Family Advocacy - Child Protection Advocacy is available by clicking on the Referral Forms icon at the bottom of the page.