We have designed our Be There volunteering programme with specific principles in mind that guide and ground everything we do and outline our commitment to you: 

Something for everyone

We believe that everyone can volunteer, and that we can find an opportunity for allThis means: 

  • Welcoming and encouraging applications from people with lived experience and recognising the unique insight and value they bring
  • Matching the volunteer responsibilities you are given to the level of commitment you are able to offer 
  • Training and induction that instils confidence and knowledge and that is tailored towards the role that you will be performing as a volunteer


Easy to apply, quick to get started. 

We have a responsibility towards Safer Recruitment, meaning that we are required to consider the suitability of all applications and carry out a vetting processHowever, we are committed to making the process as simple as possible for anyone going through it, keeping you updated along the way, and minimising any delays.    

Excellent customer service.

We employ a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator to oversee your experience from start to finish and to be responsive to you throughout your journeyWe also: 

  • Include volunteers in consultation and engagement platforms so they can have their say about changes across CCP 

  • Include volunteers in team and wider meetings 

  • Include volunteers in our bustling social calendar of staff engagement opportunities, as well as bespoke volunteering events.  

Meeting your expectations. 

People volunteer for different reasons – be it to develop their skills, confidence or to acquire experience, or to achieve a greater sense of purpose, or often because they just want to make a difference and an impactWhatever the reason, we will work with you to understand your own ‘why’ and make sure that the experience with us is a fulfilling one in accordance with your expectations.  


Regular and ongoing support. 

We place a significant value on the importance of regular catch up opportunities with all of our staff, paid or otherwiseAs a volunteer, you will work with your ‘mentor’ who you will have regular contact with, including regular 1-2-1 meetingsThese meetings give everyone an opportunity to review how your volunteering is going, to make sure the right amount of support is in place and that we are matching your expectations of volunteering.  

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