Thursday 10th October

Our Accommodation Based Support Team in Hereford have been busy with the task of making their buildings more homely and welcoming for residents and staff alike. Service manager Paul Brazier who manages CCP housing units- Pomona Place and Bridge House, has shared the following update:

"Following some struggles at the end of 2019 our staff have really come together into an enthusiastic, innovative team that I am very proud to be part of. We have recently been given a budget with the brief to make our buildings more comfortable, homely and welcoming. I think we are well on the way to this. We have picked out the primary colours featured in the CCP logo and, along with help from our residents, we have incorporated these as accent walls in some of the offices and common room areas.

The garden developments at Bridge House and Pomona Place have been phenomenal! Our residents transformed the raised bed outside Bridge House into a remembrance garden with some lovely supporters donating plants for this. The walled garden has been made into a vegetable patch which is almost ready to harvest! 

We have also just been able to re-open the Training Kitchen at Pomona Place which will benefit everyone hugely, teaching life skills for residents moving on and providing meals in house for residents and staff to share together." Paul Brazier (Service Manager)

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