17th September 2020

Our Community Wellbeing Team provide, support, advice and care to some of the most vulnerable across Gloucestershire. Two members of the team, Irena & Gwyn, recently supported Andrea, a young lady with physical disabilities and she was very grateful. 

Andrea was struggling with meetings and assessments and having to navigate the complex issues of wheelchair access. With Irena & Gwyn's help she was able to attend these meetings confidently. They managed to secure a brand new electric wheelchair which was a massive help for Andrea getting around both outside and in her flat (seen in picture below).

"I am so grateful for the support that was given to me to make this possible. Both ladies have made a difference through continued support especially with the difficult times and loneliness that came with lockdown. Gwyn also supported me with my holiday refund and my illness during the pandemic and always kept in touch. CCP were there for me when I needed them most and I feel it is so important to have charities like these to help vulnerable people who are going through difficult times."

For more information on our Community Wellbeing team, click here