36% of households on a low income would be unable to access savings of £250 or more to meet the cost of an emergency purchase such as essential car repairs, white goods, an unexpected or rising bill or to cover a temporary or permanent loss of income, including needing to take health-related leave.[1] 

The situation is even direr for lone-parent households, where 66% of families are unable to access £250 in an emergency.[2] 

Worse still, this data precedes the current cost of living crisis, meaning that the picture will be even bleaker for lots of families struggling already to survive on low incomes. This is no longer an isolated issue affecting a few that you may see on the streets, ordinary people are now at risk of homelessness too. 

With this in the forefront of everyone’s minds, CCP has brought back The Big Sleep Out, which aims to raise £100 000 to be used towards this cause.

By raising these vital funds, CCP can tackle the problem and directly support those who are struggling, need help to keep their home, or worse still, have lost their homes.

The event will take place at Brickhampton Court Golf Complex on 25th January 2023.

If you can’t be there in person, CCP is offering three other ways to help raise awareness of homelessness including donations, sponsorship, and fundraising. Together we can make a difference across our communities.

Full details will follow, but in the meantime, please register your interest.

[1] Joseph Rowntree Foundation

[2] Joseph Rowntree Foundation