Since 1991, CCP has been working in partnership with various universities to offer work experience placements for Social Work students on Honours Degree, Masters Degree, and more recently, Foundation Degree courses.

The work experience programme is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Students can make a significant contribution to CCP by undertaking projects that might not otherwise be possible within the time and resources available to us, and at the same time they can gain practical experience to satisfy the vocational criteria of their degree course.

Students are supervised by our Practice Educator and are assigned a personal mentor from their chosen service. They can specialise in any of the key CCP services and will work as full time members of staff but within a framework of learning objectives and assessment determined by their university. During their time with us are also encouraged to gain experience in the each of the other service areas, adding to their breadth of knowledge.

CCP currently accepts students from the University of Gloucestershire, the University of Bristol, the University of the West of England, the University of Worcester and Bournemouth University. We welcome enquiries from other higher educational establishments.