Outward Bound Success

CCP are proud to announce that the recent trip to Outward Bound was a flying success!

Based in the beautiful coast of Aberdyfi, Wales, CCP had the privilege of servicing a course with The Outward Bound Trust for 8 Young Adults, from Bristol, Hereford and South Gloucestershire aged between 18-20.

The Outward Bound Trust are an educational charity that focuses on helping young people exceed their limits through outdoor adventures on land and sea. Established in 1941 and based all over the UK, Outward Bound have been supporting young individuals with activities such as: orienteering, camping, gorge walking, rambling, abseiling, climbing, sailing amongst others!

The team of 8 were eager to rise to the challenge of a 5 day long adventure in a part of the country that many of them had not previously discovered. From wild camping to gorge walking this was an impressive new adventure for CCP and the team.

Coming together in some of the trickier activities, the team ensured they all completed each challenge, and no one was left behind! The gorge walk proved to be a test of teamwork as some members found it hard to reach some of the steeper climbs. However, due to the newfound friendships and bonds, the team pushed through and didn’t leave a gorger behind!

Trips like these develop and inspire young people to be courageous and try things that would have previously been out of their comfort zone. Keeping active throughout the week had a positive noticeable effect on the mental health of all members; despite the odd bit of British weather the team were always positive with smiles on their faces. In turn they were also building resilience and social skills, interacting with like minded people of all ages and backgrounds, all brought together by CCP.

One adventurer commenting ‘I have enjoyed it all so far … (CCP) have helped me through my mental health and helped me find all the right services’.

CCP are excited to inspire more young individuals with many more trips with Outward Bound to build upon this successful beginning. This was a new joint adventure which has proven to be a flying success.

While it has provided a valuable service for these young individuals, this was not a free event, amongst other staffing costs a minimum of £4000 was needed, generously funded by various CCP teams.
With your support CCP can continue to partner with The Outward Bound Trust, transforming the lives of more young people across the UK.
If you wish to make a donation please use the following link:
Outward Bound - JustGiving