James' Story

A single parent struggling to cope

James suddenly became a single father to 4 very young children after their mother recently left the family when her struggles with mental health issues became too challenging. James is now accessing the NHS mental health team himself, through which he was referred to CCP for additional support. James has suffered from growing anxieties and depression in recent months, not only from parenting and financial stresses, but also since the still birth of a baby girl at full term which significantly impacted the family 3 years ago.
In order to support the family, CCP have put James in touch with a local stillbirth and neonatal death charity where he has arranged to attend regular sessions. The two older girls are also accessing bereavement counselling to come to terms with recent events. CCP have also supported James in managing the family’s day to day routine, and have arranged for them to attend local activities together to build their relationships. James has also been receiving finance and housing advice through CCP in order to cope with financially supporting the girls whilst he is unable to work – as he is caring for them full time.
James now feels he is doing much better and is able to support his daughters, who although are keen to keep contact with their mum, are much more settled and happy in family life.

Claire's Story

A family under stress

Claire has six children, the 3 eldest from her previous relationship (in which she was a victim of domestic violence), and twin boys and a girl all under 18 months, with new partner Ben. On being referred to CCP, the family of 8 were living in a cramped two bedroom house, an environment which became damaging to the family relationships. Claire was under a lot of stress and reported feeling vulnerable to the anxiety and post-natal depression she has suffered in the past. However because of caring for her youngest children, she doesn’t get out much and feels socially isolated.
In order to support the family, CCP found a more suitable family home, and also referred the family for ‘Bundles’ support, through which they were able to better equip their new home, and create better routines for the younger children. Claire is now accessing support for her experiences of domestic violence through ‘Let’s Talk’, and CCP have eased Claire’s family commitments to allow her this essential time. Support staff have also encouraged Claire and Ben to attend stay and play sessions to help the little ones’ development and have encouraged them to reach out to CCP for parenting courses and financial advice when needed in the future. Both parents have since reported that the family is much happier now and life at home is much easier.

Amy's Story

Homeless and in debt

Amy became homeless following a breakdown in the relationship with her mum and was referred to CCP’s supported accommodation as she wanted help to “get control of her life and circumstances”.
On arriving at supported housing, Amy not only had a number of debts but there were also serious concerns around her mental health. Having suffered domestic abuse by an ex-partner, Amy had a continuous pattern of unhealthy relationships that seemed to seriously put her at risk and impact her mental health.
To support her needs, CCP staff worked with Amy to create a personal plan and to learn to budget, allowing her to begin paying off her debts. Amy also attended life skills sessions run by staff, as it was essential for her to learn how to care for herself, to find better coping strategies and to understand more about unhealthy relationships and abuse. Staff also helped Amy access mental health services, attended counselling sessions with her, and offered their time if she ever needed support.
Twelve months later, Amy is now living independently and is continuing to engage with counselling to support her mental health. Following staff support in rebuilding Amy’s relationship with her mum, the two now have regular contact. Amy is enjoying her new role as a waitress, and has expressed her happiness at finally feeling more hopeful, thanks to all the support she has received.