Big Sleep Out Image
CCP's Big Sleep Out is our annual campaign where we come together with 100 members of the business community to raise funds towards preventing homelessness and to help reduce the effects of the cost of living crisis, offering personalised grants to make a real impact in people's lives. This year we are aiming to raise £100,000 by spending the night sleeping out at Brickhampton Golf Course.
The funds raised will be used to launch two new Chelpods in Cheltenham town centre, creating a safe space for homeless individuals. Our 2024 Chelpods campaign will pilot 2 homelessness pods within Cheltenham. These pods offer temporary accommodation, providing safety and shelter to those who have not yet been placed into more permanent accommodation. CCP is looking for support workers and community locations that can assist our mission.

Attending the event and fundraising

Take up the challenge or nominate someone to join us for a night of networking, a warm meal, and the sleep-out experience.
We will not charge to attend the event, but ask that you aim to raise up to £1,000 for this initiative.
We would like the experience to reflect a degree on what it is like for those that find themselves homeless. We ask those attending to bring just what will fit into a regular-sized carrier bag. We will provide participants with cardboard for sleeping on and we are looking for a sleeping bag sponsor. However, you will be in the secure environment of Brickhampton Golf Course. There is an opportunity to network and you will receive a hot meal before sleeping out for the night.

Big Sleep Out 2023

In 2023, the campaign raised just over £62,000 which made an immediate impact on people's lives. Grants provided included:
  • preventing eviction by paying rent arrears for a gentleman with learning disabilities, who had become socially isolated during COVID-19 and was unable to access the support he needed
  • providing the deposit and first month's rent on a new property, for a lady who was due to be made homeless through a no-fault eviction
  • covering the daily travel costs for a lady fleeing domestic violence, so that she could continue to have access to her children
  • purchasing a fridge freezer and washing machine for a family who had to move due to a no-fault eviction. After their landlord sold the property, they had to find a new home at short notice with limited budget. They did, but the property did not come furnished with the white goods needed
  • paying £64 to cover the weekly membership to a Tewkesbury food bank for sixteen weeks. This was for a gentleman who had been made redundant, and is on a path of self-improvement to return to work, but has a financial need in the short-term.
The grants are instrumental in long-term success. They provide an immediate solution to financial challenges, enabling the incredible CCP team to step in and deliver long-term support and personal development assistance that helps people return to work, and to thrive.
We need your help to reach our target of £100,000 by January 2024, so that we can do even more this year. Your contribution really will make a meaningful impact in our corner of the world, and we are grateful for your donation. Thank you