We are Caring for Communities and People...Could you too?

Customer service, problem-solving and initiative, communication skills and going the extra mile. Does your current job allow you to practice and develop these attributes? Have you ever wondered if your skills and experience could transfer to a successful career in the charity sector?

You might be surprised by how transferable your skills are. You could be perfect for a role at CCP.

“I worked for a retail bank for 11 years and dealt with customers on a day to day basis. When I read up on the attributes required to work with CCP, it synced up really well with the skillset I had developed over those years.”

“I constantly went above and beyond my responsibilities to help customers, even though the bank was more focused on sales figures. Sometimes I would get in trouble for helping people too much!!

“I had a customer who worked for CCP and explained to me what the charity does in supporting vulnerable teenagers and young adults. After over two years of thinking about taking the jump, I checked on the CCP website, applied and was accepted! It was the best professional move I’ve ever made!”

“In addition to the skills I brought into the role, I’ve learnt about mental health and I have a greater understanding of people. The job is very rewarding.”

Sara, CCP Family Services Team.

Do you think you could follow in Sara’s footsteps and become part of Team CCP? Click here to find out more about our career and voluntary opportunities.