Hamper Scamper is CCP’s flagship food poverty and winter debt campaign. Truly a delight across the regions we support, with so many individuals and businesses getting involved in our rewarding, but challenging, campaign of gifting, donating and complex logistics. 

Since 1999 CCP has been running the Hamper Scamper appeal, which seeks to share the spirit of Christmas and give hope by providing seasonal food parcels to those in need. Many of those who will be receiving a hamper may be on the brink of homelessness and struggling to afford food and heating alongside the expectations of the festive season. Others may be isolated with no friends or family, and feeling extremely lonely on Christmas Day.  

It is fair to say that the Christmas-themed appeal brightens up the lives of both those who participate via donations or volunteering, and those who receive the very welcome gift of reduced stress in the form of a food hamper or Christmas gift for their children. Indeed, the scheme has grown to be an essential source of food and support for so many struggling during the festive season, and this year we are facing an increase in demand as the charity sector faces ‘donation fatigue’, alongside an increase in demand, following the pandemic.

So, perhaps it’s time to reflect on the current environment, and the impact that CCP has had on the community during this time, as we rarely get the opportunity to address it when we are so busy supporting it.

The first point is critical: we could not do what we do without our supporters. As a result, you have helped us to:

  • Shelter 134 individuals with the ‘Everyone In’ campaign last Winter, in the midst of the biggest challenge of our lifetime. These people had found themselves in a limbo situation with nowhere to go, who may not have survived otherwise. In addition to shelter, we supported an additional 968 people accessing Homeless Prevention Services across the regions* during this period of time.
  • Support a total of 7,448 individuals throughout the pandemic across the regions*, whether in hazmat suits delivering emergency food parcels, living at our accommodation sites or managing the ‘engine room’ by working remotely.
  • Raise £33,532 at the start of the pandemic for emergency food provisions for those sheltering or most at risk. We conducted 2,394 doorstep drops to 229 households, averaging an incredible 180 food parcels a week, compared to 30 before the pandemic! All of this with reduced volunteers and staff due to quarantining. But we did it.

Hamper Scamper 2020 saw the team deliver 1,953 food hampers to individuals and counties across our regions with the support of businesses - whether donating, packing, driving or delivering. In addition to this, we also donated 295 boxes of chocolates or biscuits to people who didn’t necessarily need a food hamper, but may have been isolated. We wanted them to know they weren’t alone, and we will be doing that again this Christmas.

In total, we achieved food donations to the sum of £61,000, an incredible increase of 17% on the previous year, and 2021 looks set to beat that record as demand surges. We also donated 2,200 children’s gifts worth nearly £40,000 thanks to the generosity of our community who support us. And the need continues to grow as our community continues to face challenges, from family estrangement to lack of income due to the pandemic, and rising fuel costs. When you consider that most of us are only two paychecks away from homelessness, you come to realise that poverty can truly impact anyone, at any time. 

If you would like to be part of Hamper Scamper 2021 and aren’t part of it already, you can find out everything you need to know here. We are always looking to connect with individuals and businesses who would like to support our work all year round, so please do get in touch if you are interested in supporting CCP. 

Thank you, 

The CCP Team


*we support individuals and families across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire and Dorset.