Operated in partnership with The Music Works, Studio 340 is aimed at helping children and young people to develop their skills, self esteem and confidence in a fun music-related environment, whilst providing them with facilities and opportunities they might not otherwise have access to. We operate a fully equipped studio with the latest technical equipment for music production, vocal recording and video production.

Studio 340 runs a variety of music workshops and courses for organisations, including schools, youth clubs, businesses, community groups, event organisers and private clients. The workshops offer a diverse and versatile range of musical styles, which are available to and suitable for all age groups and abilities. We can also offer specific tailored programmes.

Activities include:

Music Production Workshops
Singing/ Vocal Recording Sessions
Lyric Writing Classes
Editing & Mixing Workshops
Wider Key Skills Course for 13+
Trinity College Arts Award
Plus much more....

For more information, please contact Studio340
Tel No: 0300 365 8999 Ext: 405
Email: [email protected]

Studio Hire

Our facilities are available to hire throughout the year and we scale our costs downwards to those that can prove they are unable to afford our standard rates. Studio340 comes fully equipped to handle vocal recordings and production of pre recorded tracks. We are also able to record and produce small scale band demos. We will always supply a fully DBS checked technician to oversee or assist with the use of the facilities. Please visit the Studio 340 website to make a booking.

Music Lessons

We can offer drum, guitar, piano and singing lessons. These are run by professional music teachers and music experts. Our trained technicians will also give private 1-to-1 lessons in music writing and production. These are available during limited times in the week so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Workshops and Outreach Services

We offer a range of Music Workshops to a wide range of organisations, including schools, youth clubs, businesses, community groups, event organisers and private clients. The workshops cover a diverse and versatile range of musical styles and are available to, and suitable for, all age groups and abilities, from primary school age to adult. We will tailor specific programmes to meet your needs. All the workshops are led by CCP staff, experienced musicians and workshop leaders. In-house, we can cater for groups of up to six people. However, our outreach programmes can cater for larger groups.

Activities include:

Music production / composition / sampling and vocal recording
Vocal tuition, singing lessons, lyric content, MC & rap workshops
Music editing, mixing, mastering
DJ Workshops, beat matching, scratch techniques & creating a mix CD
Musical education and games