Tuesday 1st September 2020

Our Community Wellbeing Team work in partnership with Warm & Well to provide free energy advice to people across Gloucestershire. Here is a Good News story from a single mother that our Energy Advocate recently supported... 

Our Advocate visited Lisa*, a single mum of three, who had just moved into a rented property and had extortionate fuel bills that were accumulating large amounts of debt. Lisa struggled to understand English over the phone which in turn made her feel unable to remedy the situation which was a debt of £250 and increasing.

Our Advocate went to Lisa's home and found she had been leaving the immersion heater on all day, rather than programming it to come on as and when she needed it. They supported Lisa in the set-up of a payment plan with the energy company, showed her how to use the controls on the immersion heater to set to a timer and switched her energy tariff. All of this led to a total saving of £713.75 a year on her fuel, on top of this the advocate applied for Warm Home Discount which equated to £140 year off fuel bills.

Overall our advocate saved Lisa £853.75. This made a huge difference as she was feeling so overwhelmed with her situation

"It has changed my life for the better, having debt was very hard. I'm feeling very thankful." -Lisa (Warm & Well Client)

*Name changed for anonymity

Contact our Energy Advocate ✉️ [email protected] or

Give Warm & Well a call on 📞 0800 500 3076  

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