7th June 2020

Our Family Advocacy Team provide support to vulnerable parents whose children are involved in the Child Protection process which can be very daunting for parents. A Family Advocate is there to make sure that parents understand the information they are given, that they have the chance to discuss it, and that their views are listened to and taken into account. Here is a recent success story shared by one one of our lovely family advocates, Kirsty... 

"I was thrilled to play a part in helping a family recently succeed in achieving all of the improvements they were asked to make as part of their Child Protection plan, with the result that the Child Protection process for that family has now been closed. This is a brilliant outcome for the child, for the family and for all parties involved. The lead professional said that CCP's contribution had been key in helping the parents to feel empowered, to ensure their voice was heard and to turning round the actions on the plan. I am so thankful to have really helped to make a difference to this family's life." 

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