Our Accommodation Based Support Team (ABS) currently support over 40 young people across 3 sites in Gloucestershire. Here is a lovely success story from one of these sites covering a young person who recently moved in from CCP supported accommodation...

28th July 2020

"We recently supported Joe*, a client who had left his home town for University in another part of the country, but found that a combination of life in a strange town, physical health problems and his history of family breakdown were too much to cope with. He left Uni and came to CCP housing, where he found structure and support helping him to get back on his feet.

Daily engagement with our staff and regular welfare meetings were part of the picture, along with lots of positivity and encouragement. He took a number of in-house LifeWise training modules to prepare practically and socially for independent living and worked hard on applications for apprenticeships, going on to win a place on an apprenticeship scheme for a government department! He has now left our supported accommodation to move in with his partner opening a new chapter in his life.

Reflecting on his time with CCP Joe said it was pivotal in his transition

"The staff are all very kind and nice and really good at making it feel like home, and safe. It’s a really supportive environment, too. Young people in Supported Accommodation can really go far. Sometimes they need someone to believe in them so they can believe in themselves. I felt believed in, and could achieve so much because of that." 

 - Sunie Fletcher (CCP Support Worker)

*Name has been changed for anonymity 

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