Tom Hann

I have not properly run for nearly 4 years in the interim I have had Knee Reconstruction surgery after my ACL snapped.

I have also added abit of extra timber on and have been telling myself for a over a year now its time to have a new challenge, this is it while doing a good cause and helping other people.

This is Exactly why CCP is such a great cause;

Stastistics and facts
In the last 12 months.....

5072 people accessed drop-in information, advice and services at Cheltenham 1st Stop

2215 people accessed drop-in homelessness advice services in Worcestershire

1665 vulnerable adults accessed advocacy to ensure their rights were upheld, their voices heard, and their wishes taken into consideration

921 juveniles and vulnerable adults with mental health problems or learning difficulties were supported by Appropriate Adults

824 adults experiencing social isolation, loneliness, and poor physical and emotional wellbeing accessed Social Prescribing services

717 food parcels were issued to individuals and families living on the edge of poverty

Tom Hann