September 7th 2020

Our Family Services Team work with parents, children and families across Gloucestershire providing them with the necessary advice and support helping them to avoid breakdown. One of our Support Workers wanted to share a positive case study from a family she had the opportunity to work with during the recent Coronavirus Lockdown...

"With the lockdown finishing and life slowly returning to normal I have been reflecting on the families I have supported over the past few months. I have had the opportunity to work with families that have struggled but also worked with those that have found the Lockdown a positive experience. One family were having a really tough time before the Lockdown. Their teenage daughter was struggling with anxiety and stress which were brought on largely by the pressures from school, homework and her peers. This resulted in challenging behaviours at home.

For this family, the lockdown was a time to remove these external stresses and focus on building a strong family unit. They really learnt the value of spending positive time together, rebuilding relationships and enjoying each other's company. Their daughter has even started helping with chores without being asked and wanting to play games together with the family. On speaking to the parents, they said,

"This time together has played a vital part in allowing us to rebuild our relationship and have a stronger, happier family."

I am so pleased to have played a part in supporting this family on their positive journey and look forward to seeing them grow even closer together in the future." - Ali Kettle, CCP Family Support Worker

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