Period Poverty is real. At CCP, we want to do our bit to ensure that no one goes without sanitary products due to cost. 

"1 in 10 girls or women have been left unable to afford sanitary products in the UK" (

Our Pantry Team were very excited to be able to partner with Priors Park Neighbourhood Project in Tewkesbury to launch their campaign, 

'Period Poverty ➡️ Period Positive'

With the help of the team at Priors Park, CCP will be distributing free, eco-friendly sanitary products to those who need them in the local area of Tewkesbury. With each pack of sanitary products the person in need will receive an information leaflet, detailing how to care for their re-usable products and who to contact for further advice or information. 

We are very grateful to Gloucestershire County Council for providing us with the grant to make this Campaign a reality.