After almost a year of keeping our doors closed to keep our community and our loved ones safe from the threat of Covid-19, we have opened our doors to you once again.  

Unsure of what 1st Stop can help you with? Watch this warm introduction from our Benefits Advisor, Claire.

Cheltenham 1st Stop is your ‘first stop’ along the way of seeking any kind of advice and support for any difficulties you may have relating to homelessness, family breakdown, substance and alcohol misuse, mental health, criminality, training, education, employment or social exclusion. If you need any advice or help regarding these, or if we have helped you in the past and you would simply like to say hello to us after so many months, Claire and her knowledgeable team are here at the 1st Stop and happy to help.   

Anxious to visit due to Covid-19?  

As a charity that cares for its community and people, we are very happy to be able to support you in person again. However, we do understand that some of our customers are vulnerable, or anxious about the ‘return to normality’, so we welcome you to Cheltenham 1st Stop with the assurance of Covid-19 precautions, including hand sanitising and face coverings, still in place.  


We offer drop-in sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 9am and 5pm. If you prefer to call before you come in, dial 0300 365 8999, press 1, and 1 again.