This is an article from our January newsletter. 


More people are sleeping rough in Worcester, according to official figures.  As part of a national estimate of people sleeping out of doors, Worcester City Council organised its annual count of rough sleepers on the 10th November last year, and found 12 people sleeping outside, up from 10 people recorded in 2016. The increase is believed by one expert to be because support agencies are now better at finding and identifying rough sleepers.
Staff from CCP joined Worcester City CouncilMaggs Day Centre and the city's street pastors to carry out the count.  "People were found sleeping rough in a range of locations around the city - shop doorways, stairwells, car parks  and other secluded spots away from the general public," said Ben Bradley, Worcester City Council Single Homeless Pathways Officer.
CCP is contracted by Worcester City Council to work in a number of ways to help rough sleepers. 
Ross Webber, CCP Project Manager, said: "If anyone finds themselves on the street they can go to the Hive and declare themselves homeless. The Hive can take housing enquiries Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (NOTE: there is no housing service available at the Hive outside these times). They can also go to Maggs Day Centre.  
From there they can go to 'No Second Night Out' where they can get emergency accommodation for at least three days at the YMCA.  We will work with them to find temporary accommodation and also then have six months to try and help them find something more permanent, and we'll work with doctors and help with benefit applications."
Members of the public can use StreetLink to report people sleeping outside so they can receive immediate help and support.