CCP FoodShare urgently needs donations of non-perishable food to replenish stocks and ensure we can support everyone who needs emergency food.  Stephen Brewer has volunteered on the FoodShare scheme for more than 4 years, putting together emergency food parcels for those who need it.  He said: 'I've never ever seen it as bad as this.  We are going to be in dire trouble very soon if we don't build up our stocks.' 

CCP FoodShare is an emergency foodbank for people and families in times of crisis. These are generally ordinary people who suddenly find themselves facing poverty and hunger due to loss of salary, change in benefits, unexpected large bills, illness or family breakdown.

The FoodShare scheme provides food parcels to cover the immediate crisis or to give support in the intervening period before statutory agencies can begin ongoing longer term assistance.

FoodShare gratefully receives donations of food items from members of the public, churches, schools and businesses, all year round. In an average year, we will distribute around 800 food parcels from Cheltenham 1st Stop and through the network of CCP support workers in Gloucestershire and further afield.

There are times, however, when our stocks run very low and this is one of those times. The long school summer holidays often means that our regular donors are out of their normal routine, away on holiday or just busy doing other things.

What does FoodShare need? We welcome donations of non-perishable items such as:-
• Pasta, rice and cereals
• Tinned fruit and veg
• Tinned meats and fish
• Tea, coffee and UHT milk
• Packets, jars or tins of sauces and soups
Please donate soon. Your support can be the difference between a family in crisis eating or not eating.

We will accept donations of food items for this invaluable service from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, at CCP's Head Office, 15 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham, or, for larger amounts, please contact us on 0300 365 8999 to arrange collection.