The Big Sleep Out 2023 is an event to raise awareness of homeless people or those on the brink of homelessness. We aim to raise £100,000 to prevent homelessness by addressing the causes and effects while supporting those who are already homeless in sustainable accommodation.

The cost-of-living crisis is spiralling. More and more people are struggling to meet the cost of day-to-day essentials. Heating and food costs are becoming increasingly unaffordable for many. This is the reality for many individuals and families and, the process of losing their homes and becoming homeless has already begun. 

CCP recognises the devastating impact of poverty. We remain steadfast in our mission to support people and communities through the crisis.  That's why we've set ourselves an ambitious target of £100,000 to help us fund the essential support we are uniquely placed to offer.

Every pound generated through The Big Sleep Out will go towards assisting people in financial difficulty, with the aim of helping people avoid debt and sustain their accommodation. The donations, in the hands of our support workers and support coordinators, means that we will be able to quickly intervene to offer financial assistance to anyone struggling to meet the cost of essentials. For example, to help replace white goods that break down suddenly, or towards the cost of school uniforms for struggling families. 

We are looking for businesses to nominate a suitable representative to join us at Brickhampton Court Golf Complex, and to aim to raise £1,000 towards our target. Don't let the amount put you off, all fundraising achieved up to that amount is welcome. 

The Big Sleep Out 2023 fundraisers

Register your interest and show your support for this worthy cause through:

Attending the event and fundraising

Take up the challenge or nominate someone to join us for a night of networking, a warm meal, and the sleep-out experience.

We will not charge to attend the event but ask that you aim to raise up to £1 000 for this initiative.

We would like the experience to reflect a degree on what it is like for those that find themselves homeless. We ask those attending to bring just what will fit into a regular-sized carrier bag. We will provide participants with cardboard for sleeping on and we are looking for a sleeping bag sponsor. However, you will be in the secure environment of Brickhampton Golf Course. There is an opportunity to network and you will receive a hot meal before sleeping out for the night.

Download and include The Big Sleep Out buttons on your email signature:

Set up your JustGiving fundraising page

You can also show your support for those struggling through the cost-of-living crisis through monetary donations.

There are denominations to suit every budget.

The money raised will help CCP tackle the causes and effects of homelessness through the following:

  • Reaching out to the homeless
  • Providing supported housing for 16 – 25-year-olds who would otherwise be homeless
  • Debt, housing and benefits advice for those on the brink of homelessness
  • Helping to strengthen families who are facing difficulties
  • Stocking The Community Pantry for those living in poverty

Make a donation



The event provides an excellent opportunity for those attending and sponsors to network with others who share our vision for the community.

Aligning with the CCP brand offers many marketing and promotional opportunities.

Choose from a variety of packages and offerings to suit your budget. CCP can also structure a bespoke package to meet your budget and requirements. Sponsors receive great value in terms of marketing, including logos on our website, with links to your website to enhance backlinks. We are engaging with the media and have already attracted publicity for the event.

Thank you to our valued sponsors and supporters