Andy* is an adult who has been living at our supported accommodation in Worcester for 3 years. Following a childhood trauma and related mental health difficulties, he has struggled with a reliance on alcohol.

Until recently, Andy was drinking 16 cans of lager or cider a day and has been diagnosed with severe liver damage. He would often fall over and injure himself due to his alcohol consumption, causing concussion on several occasions. He was drinking all day and night so it was extremely difficult for our staff to engage with him properly in order to support him but we did it!

CCP staff encouraged Andy to reduce his alcohol consumption over time. His GP told him he had to stop drinking or he would die which was a turning point for Andy and he agreed to a rehab program. He attended every appointment and telephone call and has now been alcohol free for more than 3 months!

Staff have also given him support to live in a cleaner flat and we secured new furniture for him to feel more at home. He was invited to attend regular coffee mornings with the other residents and is engaging a lot more with others and helping them with jobs. His mental and physical health are improving tremendously.

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*Name changed for anonymity