26th April 2021

Having never been to Bristol, but always heard about its amazing landmarks, Amber and Hawre (residents in CCP supported accommodation) suggested a 'Grand Day Out' to the city with Project Manager Simone.

“Amber and Hawre had a great day. They climbed Park Street from College Green, visited Millennium Square, shopped at Cabot Circus, ate ice-cream and walked around Castle Park. They also found the time to have a healthy meal out to compliment all the exercise. This day was suggested by them both as something fun to do. 

They got so much out of the day that they haven't stopped texting to say thank you, telling us about how much fun they've had what they want to do next! 

I can honestly say this is the reason we do our jobs. We continue through the hard times and really make a difference to young people’s lives. We are now planning the next day out which will be a picnic at Clifton Downs. We will be having a cooking session to make afternoon tea and cakes for the picnic.” Simone Masri (ABS Project Manager, Wiltshire)

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