The Social Value Team recently caught up with Peggy Dalziel, a support worker in our Worcester team, to find out what she’s been up to:

Please introduce yourself and tell us about the team you work with.  

Hi I am Peggy, I work within ABS in Evesham full time as a support worker, the project is part of the No Second Night Out scheme, which means we try our best to support clients into accommodation within a 30-day window. Our clients are normally new to homelessness; our view is a persons first night on the streets should be their last. We have a mix of clients we support, it is great seeing their journey and helping them.

You have recently taken on the role of Practice Supervisor for a student placement, how’s that going?

Brilliantly! to be honest it was nerve racking to start with thinking I am responsible for mentoring a social worker of the future but have settled into it, my student is fantastic, they are at the midpoint now of their placement and doing very well. They are keen to say with CCP when their placement is completed.

You have recently been nominated to start a Level 3 in Adult Care through the Apprentice programme how is that going for you?

There is a lot of work involved! the process of getting set up on the course is very quick, and my manager Lisa has been a brilliant support and the tutor Michaela is fantastic. I have been working on the basic introduction modules but am looking forward to working on the modules with are more focused on the work I do.

Where do you see your future with CCP?

My goal is to take on a more senior role within the service and want to become a Senior Support Worker for the project, I feel that the experiences of being a Social Work Student Supervisor, and my apprentice course will make that happen, I am really looking forward to the modules of Mental Health and Substance Misuse as they are so important in the role I have and in what I want my future role to be.

We wish Peggy well with her career with CCP, the No Second Night Out team are doing a fantastic job!